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Even though we are called The Granite Shop almost 50% of our business is dealing in Quartz, Marble & Man Made Stones. The Granite Shop can get ANY stone the “other guy” has via our reciprocal agreements at a BETTER rate than if you go in and negotiate yourself.

Granite counter top


If you are considering upgrading your countertops there is simply no better choice than The Granite Shop. Choose Granite, Quartz, Marble or Man Made Stones. From initial advice to final installation our process and pricing will leave you smiling.

Granite living room table

Custom Stone Tabletops

Considering adding the beauty of a stone desk, table or other element to your space? We would be happy to discuss this with you. One of the advantages of The Granite Shop is the skilled senior craftsmen we employ and the latest in technology to bring custom projects to life. We enjoy custom stone projects so much that we often create them for ourselves on our off time!

Granite bathroom sink

Vanities & Shower Sills

For small projects we also have an amazing remnant collection allowing you to purchase some of the finest stones at highly discounted prices. From initial advice to final installation our process and pricing will leave you smiling.

Dupont sealing product

Dupont Sealing Products

The Granite Shop is the go-to expert for consulting on and fixing granite related issues. We believe everyone should get the maximum value from their investment. We stock and can provide you with and advise you on the use of the best granite sealing and finishing products available. We offer both do-it-yourself and done for you solutions including an incredible 15 year guaranteed sealer installation that insures your granite against any types of staining.

The Granite Shop stylish sink

Stylish Sinks

We are Ottawa’s exclusive dealer of Stylish Sinks – Modern sinks and faucets with great combination of luxury and affordability. Why buy from Stylish? cUPC certified, ensuring all Canadian and USA plumbing codes for strength and quality have been met, all sinks are produced with the same materials used for brand name sinks, 18 gauge (1.2 mm) which is the industry standard, thicker stainless steel sinks than 18 gauge does not add value or durability to the product, however per customer special request we can supply 16 gauge sinks, sound absorption pads and coating underneath the sink bowl to eliminate unwanted sound.

Granite drainless sink

Granite Drainless Sinks

No matter how expensive or beautiful your sink, it still has that ugly disgusting drain hole dead center. We thought about that and decided there has to be a better way. We are now proud to offer our own custom crafted granite drainless sinks. The drain comes in the form of a small slit towards the front of the sink, hidden from the eye. Come visit our 10,000 square foot showroom and view one of our amazing drainless sinks. You will never look at a sink the same way again. The solution? Stunning granite cutting boards!

Granite kitchen sink and faucet

Bristol Sinks & Faucets

Bristol Sinks is a trusted kitchen and bathroom sink retailer that is committed to achieving complete customer satisfaction by offering quality products at an affordable price. A quality sink needs to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing to ensure a product that you will be proud to showcase in your home.

Granite cutting board

Cutting Boards

At the Granite Shop we are committed to creating beautiful pieces and using every bit of the beautiful stone we use. We hated the fact that sink cutouts resulted in such amazing material being wasted. The solution? Stunning granite cutting boards!

Our Great Partners

The Granite Shop offers products from the best manufacturers in the business. We are proud to carry granite, marble, quartz, and man-made stone from the following suppliers:

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