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  • The Granite Shop is the exclusive adviser, supplier and installer to more of Ottawa’s premiere builders than any other fabricator in our area, making us a great resource.
  • We can help you compare quotes in our showroom or via email.

Why it makes sense to compare quotes?  –  IT HAS VERY LITTLE TO DO WITH PRICE!

At The Granite Shop nobody is on commission.  We remain the most successful supplier in the area by being both incredibly competitive and by educating in a no pressure environment.  We understand that consumers want a great deal but the truth is that when you compare quotes that are often so close in price, you gain much more than the possibility of saving a few dollars.  The real value comes from things you may discover about what you are actually buying.  Granite has to work with your floors, your cupboards and your back-splash. It has to fit your lifestyle and has to achieve goals like durability or maximize resale value of your home. Since we are so involved as consultants in the building industry we can make recommendations that will fit into the big picture and often make suggestions on other elements of your overall design that have huge impact on the finished product.

Forever home or investment? Rental property? Kids? Do you drink wine?

There are so many variables beyond quoting on square footage that come into play. We would NOT recommend the same granite if maximum return on investment was an issue for a house you may sell in 3 to 5 years as we would if it was your forever home.  Lets face it, if you have to look at that granite for 10+ years you should pick something you love over saving a few dollars per square foot!

How To Get Started

Email us directly at info@ottawagraniteshop.ca with “Quote Comparison” in the subject line.
Feel free to include as much detail as you like and pictures as well!
Once we know more we will advise you to the best of our ability.

P.S We also HIGHLY recommend you download our eBook The Granite Game by filling the form on this page.

P.S.S You can also use our great online estimator tool and when you submit simply include in the notes section that you would like to compare quotes and include as much details as possible.